Traffic Geyser Videos | Marketing Tool

Traffic Geyser Videos | Marketing Tool

Traffic Geyser Videos | Internet Marketing Tool

I used to submit my videos manually to more than 25 video sites daily. Do you think this is easy? Then try it out yourself and see. Every submission needed to be supported by Meta keywords that will make my videos reachable through search engines.

With Traffic Geyser, this job is automated. Once I submit my videos and Meta keywords to Traffic Geyser, it would roll on its handy work to submit all videos across 30 odd video sites instantly.

After discovering the power of Traffic Geyser, I just did a rough calculation. If I bill myself $6 per hour, I have saved over $1000 per month. Obviously, being a busy Internet Marketer, my hourly rate is much more than that if I were to work on something meaningful. So, can you guess how much it actually saved me per month?

YES! Thats the figure! I saved $5000 every month, just by delegating video submission work to Traffic Geyser.
Finally, Traffic Geyser was able to generate a few folds of traffic than what I used to get from all my video submissions.