Tips On Using Social Media

Tips On Using Social Media

We discussed about effectively communicating with your Facebook fans. In this issue, we are going to talk about using Facebook marketing to present significance to your clients and customers.

Here’s the fact: Over 50% of the whole Facebook community log in to their personal accounts every day. This simply means that there are around 250 million of the social networks 500 million who might be able to see your Page.

Think of the large number of people that your online business can reach out to. That can equate to thousands of dollars in sales revenue and even more work opportunities that you can actually get a chance to be involved in.


Even so, that doesn’t mean you can just come up with a Facebook account and expect it to make you rich overnight. You’ll need to modify it whenever needed.

Despite the fact that it is primarily considered a social networking site, it would also do the company good to analyze first what impact they want to give in their page.

Do you want to give a touch of corporate professionalism as an extension of your traditional office?

Do you want to add a touch of fun and excitement which will appeal to your audience?

Or do you simply want your page to be a customer service area where informal questions and inquires can be answered?

It’s important that you always regard value as your top priority whenever posting anything on your page. Cut out the clutter and post only the necessary things. At times with a business page, you just have to stand against the temptation of being too personal even when such a medium calls for it.

Here are a few more suggestions you should contemplate:

Use Customer Testimonials

It used to be that people who want to keep up with their families and friends would just have to visit their Facebook profile page, view photos, send messages and stuff like that. At present, social media management provides a lot of rewards to businesses.

You can encourage prospects by using testimonials from your current customers or clients. So, strongly encourage past clients to write their feedback on Facebook.

Of course, you would most appreciate highly favorable feedback if given under your own accord. However, this may not always be the case depending on the value of your products or services. Consider offering special deals or gifts. For instance, how about a 5% discount for every constructive feedback?

Interact with Potential Customers

If there are questions about your products or services, make sure you politely accommodate those concerns. Also, you’ll win a good impression by answering the inquiries very timely. If you cannot do this, say sorry for the late reply.

To prevent throwing away your time replying to the same queries again and again, it’s advisable to give as much details as possible on your page. This is when the Notes section of Facebook comes handy.

Post Relevant Pictures

There are business pages that use the Photos section while others use certain apps that allow them to display their products as well as upload the product images.

Whichever is the case, always make sure that the photos are of high quality. Working with low-end pictures will give your products a low end impression.

That’s why it’s important that you come up with eye-catching, even artistic photos, if possible. When working with retail for example, zoom towards areas where there are intricate details which highlight a clothing item’s quality.

Remember these simple suggestions when coming up with content and you’ll have tons of prospects coming in to your business page.