Tumblr Followers: How To Earn From Them

Tumblr was first started back in 2007 and is a small blogging platform that allows users to make posts using text or images and even video. It is really easy to use and learn and you can have people following you, and you could follow them back. These are known as Tumblr followers.

There are many better ways to reach the amount of people that will follow you and we will look at several ideas. One of the easier ways is to very simply start producing content on your blog that people will find both interesting and unique. It is usually a good idea to stay on topic and to update your blog one or more times per day.

If you are on Facebook or one of the many other large social networking websites, you could start publicizing your Tumblr account and have them connect to each other. That way friends in your social network can see when you update and therefore might follow you.

You want to make sure that you have a profile that is both unique and interesting, and select a name that is attention-getting. The next step is to simply start posting on a regular basis. Make sure that you like other users and they will like you back, and also you can re-blog the ones that are very popular and that is sure to get you many more followers. Posting comments is also a good way to have additional people see your blog.

Tumblr is really a great micro blogging system which gives you total control of over how you want to blog. In fact the options include being able to set up various other blogs under one single account. You can have ones that are private and are password protected, or open to the public.

There are quite a few really beautiful themes that are available and you could also create a custom page if you wanted, it is extremely easy to do. If you are used to publishing on other platforms which may include WordPress and others, then you’ll feel at home. Installing video or text and of course photographs and so forth is a cinch. There is even a box to put in a description of your blog, everything is pretty much push button easy.

If you are looking for something that is very quick and easy to use which allows you to post very short text or multimedia in a blog format, then there is no doubt that tumbler is perfect for you. There are many social networking platforms and there is no doubt that this one is here to stay for a very long time. It has enjoyed phenomenal growth in a short period.

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